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Map of New DelhiNew Delhi is the vibrant, exciting capital on India. The city is the political hub of the country but there's incredible architecture and fabulous restaurants as new coexists with old side-by-side.

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dperi84: RT @StateDeptSpox: .@SecBlinken is wheels down in New Delhi for meetings with our Indian partners. We’re excited to expand the strong and g…
khemka_nidhi: @GlobeTrucking Tipper is Parked at India Gate, New Delhi. #GlobeTrucking @GlobeTrucking Tag @Smiley_Bharati…
sukhad3: RT @Swamy39: Judging by the just now circulated Delhi HC Cause List, the NH case has been transferred from Justice Kait's Court to Justice…
itsDamy68: RT @itsnimmi68: Rakesh Asthana appointed as the New Delhi Police Commissioner. Hope he will play a major role in Delhi as new Police Comm…
SensibleArticl1: RT @sardesairajdeep: Rakesh Asthana, Gujarat IPS officer, head of STF in Godhra train burning case, until recently BSF chief, former CBI jo…
HarishVaidya14: RT @mr_mayank: BIG BREAKING: Rakesh Ashtana has been appointed as the new Delhi Police Commissioner. Rakesh Asthana previously headed the…
VainshAjay2: RT @anjanaomkashyap: Big move. Rakesh Asthana appointed as the new Delhi Police Commissioner.
imranrizvi9: @SirKazamJeevi @mrgnk @Kuldeep9Sharma @ranjona How is it free? This is the Colin app status in East Delhi and New…
LijuMat21801891: RT @AadeshRawal: Rakesh Asthana is appointed New Delhi Police Chief after losing CBI Top post.
KulkarniK9668: RT @sardesairajdeep: Rakesh Asthana, Gujarat IPS officer, head of STF in Godhra train burning case, until recently BSF chief, former CBI jo…
GuddooK19310419: RT @IndianExpress: Rakesh Asthana appointed as new Delhi Police Commissioner Read:
FSAC44165969: RT @sardesairajdeep: Rakesh Asthana, Gujarat IPS officer, head of STF in Godhra train burning case, until recently BSF chief, former CBI jo…
Jamie_Venom: RT @KushalSinha001: Rakesh Asthana IPS (GJ:84) takes charge as the new Delhi Police Commissioner. He earlier held the charge of DG BSF http…
AdityaM34840405: RT @ethicalsid: Chronology: - LG gives power to Delhi Police that they can arrest anyone under NSA till October 18 - LG OVERTURNS Delhi G…
OPMeenaKota: RT @abhijeet_dipke: The new Delhi Police commissioner is the blue eyed boy Modi & Shah
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Delhi .................... I Luv delhi.....miss delhi's goalguppas, bangalimarket's chat....oooooooooooh luv it
-- Kenny on September 30, 2010 at 07:15 ET
To maintain the civic amenities for everybody it is necessary to check the population migration burden on Delhi's land. Every body knows the resources of water sanitation, roads etc. are limited to accommodate the pressure of public comes to Delhi from across the Nation for running their livelyhood.
First of all Government should take concret setps to curb the population pressure by adoping population control or to impose heavy dues/levies on the public so that a common man can either die or survive without extenting to the basic amenties to them. Few top dishonest executives and bureaucrats are merely enjoying their life leisurely in Delhi just because of either they are law maker or law custodian. Rest of the common people have to either live in despondent or to die though there is know listener for them due to prevailing corruption and not action is being taken against law breakers.

-- Dabas on March 22, 2010 at 05:57 ET
-- Barack Husane Obama on March 7, 2010 at 13:01 ET
Oh my gosh,sager restaurent,you remind me a dosaaaa.and lodhi garden was mine fav spot to hang!and bengali makt...?wasn't it sweet shop...thats wat i alwaz says...delhi dil walo kha..hunnnnlove you delhi....!
-- shirley on December 2, 2009 at 22:36 ET
hey im doing a projuct on india and i think that new delhi is prety awesome
-- miley cyrus on July 24, 2009 at 18:38 ET
I will be presenting a lecture at IGNCA in Delhi on July 13th about the full solar eclipse in Varanasi on July 22nd. The topic will be Astronomy applied to Hindu Mythology.
If you are interested in learning more my email is
-- Willard Van De Bogart on June 23, 2009 at 03:57 ET
delhi is deep in my heart.
i love the raining season moonsoon, bengali market,
kashmiri gate, dastarkhane Karim, and people of Delhi, I wish I could have a walk in Lodhi garden now and eat a Dosssssssssssssa at Saghar resturant.
love the rain,
-- hossein on June 17, 2009 at 10:49 ET

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