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Map of JharkhandJharkand, makes you wonder of the stamina tribes have - With the demands made by the Adivasis in Bihar Jharkhand was declared as separate state with Ranch being its capital. There are many waterfalls in and around Ranchi; Dassam falls is 40 kms away from Ranchi, Hundru falls is 28 km away from Ranchi town. You can also visit the Jonha and Hirni falls. The Sun Temple is 39 km from Ranchi on the Tata road. The famous Jagannath temple is a must see. Other places to see are Tagore Hills, Angrabadi, Gonda Hill and Rock Garden.
DainikBhaskar: आपराधिक संगठन का सरगना हथियार के साथ गिरफ्तार, लोडेड कट्‌टा व कारतूस बरामद
Kashmir_Reader: Capital punishment for 2 Maoists for killing SP, 5 others in Jharkhand
sumitkashyapjha: RT @GetNewsd: Jharkhand: Woman dies as doctors asked son to bring Ayushman card first #Jharkhand #AyushmanBharatYojana…
ETVBharatJH: दिव्यांग क्रिकेट खिलाड़ियों का छलका दर्द, कहा- मदद तो दूर, प्रतिभा तक को नहीं सराहती सरकार
schismidori: RT @sumonseng: After today's #AadhaarVerdict let us hang our head in shame in the memory of 11 yr old #Santoshi of #Jharkhand who died of H…
arpitagrawal93: RT @scotchism: #AadhaarVerdict Simplified: You won't need it for opening bank accounts or getting a new SIM card. The poor girl in Jharkhan…
chote_millu: RT @champ4561: सरकार से एक सवाल 👇 क्या "आयुष्मान योजना" के अंतर्गत "नामदार" और उसके पाले हुवे "बेवकूफ बुद्धिजीवी, पत्रकारों और उसके ग़ुला…
ETVBharatJH: हाईकोर्ट ने एसीबी की कार्यशैली पर जताई नाराजगी, तीन अक्टूबर को एडीजीपी को किया तलब
KainPradeep: RT @hindupost: Christian Woman Arrested in Delhi for Trafficking Minor Girls from Jharkhand -
Satyawa10169850: RT @RVPhilip1: 158 Bn CRPF Lohardaga,Jharkhand planted more than 3000 saplings in Lohardaga and Gumla district on the Eve of CPPF Raising…
GetNewsd: Jharkhand: Woman dies as doctors asked son to bring Ayushman card first #Jharkhand #AyushmanBharatYojana
uglyengineerr: RT @scotchism: #AadhaarVerdict Simplified: You won't need it for opening bank accounts or getting a new SIM card. The poor girl in Jharkhan…
writearmplumb: RT @mvmeet: The lady seated with Kejriwal is Prabha Muni. Prime suspect of child trafficking, who gets children from Jharkhand and sells t…
trueirfanhuda: @NarasinghMishra @INCOdisha Contrary to the Supreme court's belief that #Adhaar will be an instrument of free, fair…
zeerajasthan_: जेल नियमों की धज्जियां उड़ाकर ट्वीट कर हैं लालू, CBI को नोटिस लेना चाहिए : सुशील मोदी
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The Director, Drectorate of Secondary Education, HRD, Jharkhand, Address: MDI Bldg., Telephone Bhawan, Dhurwa, Ranchi 834 004, India, Ph. Nos. 91-651-2400973, 091-651-2403858; fax: 091-651-2400858, 091-651-2403858. The concerned authority has changed my date of appointment from 16/02/1974 to 19/04/1980. This change has snatched away more than six years of my government service tenure. My due service benefits i.e. revised salary as per state pay commission report , promotion to the post of head mistress and accrual pension benefits have been denied for this change in date of appointment. Date of appointment is an irrevocable vital record maintained in employees service book. This change defies my service book record and the directorates previous office orders as well. Prima facie available records show that I have been victimized of injustice, but the competent authority is not taking cognizance of this mistake. Competent authority has ignored directives of Sri.Kamal Kishore Soan, Honble D.C.Ranchi and Sri Yashwant Sinha, Honble M.P. & Ex Finance Minister. No action has been taken about my registered complaints: DARPG: GOVJH/E/2010/00003, 26 July,2010, GOVJH/E/2010/00008, 29 Aug,2010, DARPG/E/2010/05946, 25 Nov,2010, DARPG/E/2010/05946, 26 July,2010, PRSEC/E/2010/16458, 21 Oct,2010, CORE: Complaint I.D. 16452/3/2010, NCW: Complaint I.D.s C0505739 & C0506180. Please see that justice is not denied to me.
-- APARNA KOLAY on July 5, 2011 at 14:27 ET

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