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Map of JaipurThe city of Palaces is Jaipur - A gateway to one culture-rich state Rajastan, the city of Jaipur boasts of magnificent palaces, splendid hilltop forts one cannot afford to visit. The colorful festivals such as the World Kite Festival Elephant festival, Camel Mela, Gangaur and Teej are added attraction and tourists from all over throng to this pink city and get equally captivated with the bustling bazaars and palatial hotels. Take a step into this city and you will soon be off your feet sneaking and basking in the glory of rich Indian heritage.
KarliDevanna: RT @SaveFamiles: Murderers should be hanged to death the barbarious penalty
rattle___: RT @AshrafFem: संघियों ने जयपुर मे 5 दिन की वर्कशॉप रखी है जिसमे वसुंधरा सरकार ने हर स्टूडेंट को शामिल होने का फरमान जारी किया है, इस वर्क…
LastBench_: RT @VasundharaBJP: Residents’ pride, visitors’ envy, eternal Jaipur - wish you a Happy Birthday! Greetings on the 290th #JaipurFoundationDa…
baluph1: RT @bhakt4ever: Raje govt sends students to Jaipur fair, with lessons on ‘love jihad’ via @IndianExpress
DiyarSb: RT @gauravcsawant: We Rajput women don't dance the way Deepika Padukone is shown dancing. Being a daughter of Rajasthan this has hurt me. T…
bhakt4ever: Raje govt sends students to Jaipur fair, with lessons on ‘love jihad’ via @IndianExpress
RoshanS15807956: RT @AmarUjalaNews: 'पद्मावती' फिल्म में किए जाएं जरूरी बदलाव, सीएम वसुंधरा ने लिखा स्मृति ईरानी को पत्र- #Padmavat…
udaidass: RT @ashokgehlot51: The city thrived because of a strong bonding between people of different religions n castes. May the spirit of brotherho…
udaidass: RT @ashokgehlot51: Greetings n best wishes to all residents of #Jaipur on the historical city's Foundation Day. Jaipur has been a centre of…
benny275: @jasondingr @donna_dingr Nice!!! Love Jaipur!
robbi_harsha: RT @AlwayzRamCharan: #RamCharan is Trending Across The Major Indian Cities : Delhi,Indore,Kolkata,Chennai,Pune,Bhopal,Jaipur,Patna,Bangalo…
ambpurplelady: RT @INCIndia: Warm wishes to the “Pink City” of Jaipur on its 290th foundation day. #ThisDayThatYear
CabipoolJAIPUR: RT @TOIRajasthan: Flyover work hits traffic on Ambabari-Jhotwara route
CabipoolJAIPUR: RT @TOIRajasthan: Fog, smog hit rail, road traffic
SainiAnjana: Pink city Pink city 2 india Pink city (jaipur) is a famous tourist city in India (Rajasthan). Many tourist plac
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The site can be more informative.I found the news are not properly updated. In India, kashmir is shown part of the pakistan.
-- Sandeep on October 12, 2010 at 05:45 ET
Your India map is quite interesting (specially the portion depicting Kashmir). Where did you get this map from? Pakistan or China?
-- ab on September 25, 2010 at 11:51 ET
i am feeling very sad to hear about Ramu's death, but its destiny. Daily India has complied very good stuff on the latest news relating to Jaipur, but i would appreciate if they could add some more news related to youth n all such topics, would be a nice read i think. Thanks
-- Krishan on September 10, 2010 at 06:10 ET

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