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Map of HyderabadHyderabad? Its now a Hi-Tech city or Cyberabad - Recently transformed hub of information technology, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, is one of the fastest growing cities of India and boasts of world famous Ramoji Film City and the city is giving way to progressive vibrant cosmopolitan culture. This city reflects unity in diversity of India in its truest spirit with the skyline donned by shrines of mosques and temples built side by side and today. The erstwhile opulent princely state is slowly the old constructions giving to shopping malls and office buildings with glass façades.
sunandaranjan: RT @ThePrintIndia: Amazon opens its largest campus in the world in Hyderabad @SarithaRai reports
VundyalaT: @AnkitaM07 #HBDMegaStarChiranjeevi #HBDEvergreenMegaStar #SyraaNarasimhaReddy #MegaStarChiranjeevi…
gana_property: Gem Ascentia Near Hitech city the prime commercial and #residential area of #Hyderabad, Ascentia #2BHK & #3BHK fla…
VenkyPsPk10: RT @CHARAN1406: Megastar’s Birthday Celebrations Event This Evening in Hyderabad. @PawanKalyan is the Chief Guest!. #HBDMegaStarChiranjeevi…
Nanii_9999: RT @BloodDonorsIn: #Hyderabad Need #Blood Type : B-negative At : Star Hospital Banjara hills Number of Units : 4 Primary Number : 97049671…
yourschandu: RT @BloodDonorsIn: #Hyderabad Need #Blood Type : O-positive At : Paramita Hospital. Number of Units : 2 Primary Number : 7893818400 Second…
Nazeernlg: RT @Nazeernlg: @KTRTRS @CMOTelangana @TelanganaCM Hyderabad traffic issue and migration if we need to stop it is a solution to expand metr…
BIENGAHUMAN: RT @RanaAyyub: Speculation over Union Territory status for Hyderabad. Kashmir is the beginning of the end.
arkhshah: RT @prathod2008: #Hyderabad Need #Blood Type : B-negative At : Star Hospital Banjara hills Number of Units : 4 9704967103 Secondary Number…
Nanii_9999: RT @BloodDonorsIn: #Hyderabad Need #Blood Type : O-positive At : Paramita Hospital. Number of Units : 2 Primary Number : 7893818400 Second…
RamkyTranquilla: A good playtime makes a happy kid. Gift your child a happy lifestyle, right in the lap of nature at…
ikuldeeptaigore: RT @BloodDonorsIn: #Hyderabad Need #Blood Type : A-negative At : Care Hosp, Naampalli Number of Units : 2 Primary Number : 7406727216 Via…
ikuldeeptaigore: RT @BloodDonorsIn: #Hyderabad Need #Blood Type : AB-positive At : Life line hospital, Lothukunta Number of Units : 3 Primary Number : 814…
LynkLogistics: #DYK Tata Ace can carry a maximum load of about 750kg? Find Tata Ace at lowest rates in the City #Chennai #Mumbai…
tmj_inh_banking: Have you ever had a role like "Business Development Manager"? What did you like most about that job? #Banking #Hyderabad, Telangana
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dont fight stupids
-- huss on June 13, 2011 at 13:10 ET
i love hyderabad
-- aayesha on September 20, 2010 at 09:43 ET
All the above statement is good. I don't want to talk abou the community. Don't take otherways.
1st We are human and all have same blood why we are not thinking about the same thing.

Where is problem DO NAY ONE REALIES


Who told you, you don't have rights ti live in India

?? I think no one.
Polica is always for our selfty, give proper information He never disturb you.

Good question - Riots time number of muslims kill by police firing

Why riots 1st? I am asking to all guys not a single community(Whi read this) and above bhai jaan(Farooq, Kaleem, Syed and all)

Try to save a single person next time we'll be getting good result.

Ghar per bate kar blam karna bahut hi aasan hai kabhi baar ja kar deko. Police sirf hindu hi nahi hote, Mulslim bhai bhi hai.

Riots Hindu or Muslim nahi karta ye sub apne fade ke liya hai, Agar eysa hota to Afganistan Pakistan per attach nahi karta. Do no to muslim county hai. India Hum jayda aache hai banispat ki dusre muslim country se. Agar nahi pata to ek baar waha ki citizenship le kar deko, aata dal ka rate pata chal jayega.

Hum jaha hai use aacha kaise banye iske liye sochna ho na hoga or ye tabi hi sakta hai jub hum schona start kat de.

Ho sakta hai ki mai galt hu per utna nahi jitne app log hai.

Roits ko bhi roka ja saktha hai or hum esa kar sakthe hai.

Bhai bolna to assan hai per banana or nivana muskil.

Galat hum kaha hai kabi hum ne sucha nahi, Haji ne kah di hum ne mman li. Why

ey sift Hyderabad ka problem nahi hai pure india ka problem hai or suru se.

Kuch paglo ne desh ko baat diya or hum bhi usi raste chal pere. Kuch to soco mere bhai logo.

Allah ne kab kaha ki hindu alag or hum alag Agar blood ek hai to hum sub ek hai


-- Akthar on April 28, 2010 at 13:59 ET
@ panindar

if as you say we are the actual culprit, and talking about the newpaper about hyderabad riots look once again your self you will find the real news that number of muslims kill by police firing number of muslim youth took from different places for investigation iam not talking for single person iam asking question to one sided system by police and political leaders mischieves and escapes from there responsibility lakh's of innocent muslim sufuring from there contribution to their religious why when you take this reponsibilty you have some promises to your self and as well to public but onces its comes to communal tension you will forget your all promises what you have make with yourself look inside yourself what you repling me and what you saying me that we are the real culprits looks once your side recent roits in hyderabad why hindus remove muslim flags? why they did not put their religious flag beside muslims flags? if you did this one its show you are very much clear from you heart and you stay like a brothers but you did not you remove and through it ok you did your fight with the muslims people why you destroye the workship place like majids? why you take your really without premission in curfew time? there are so many from your community which are actual culprits and plan to do always like this with the support of police because they also the same religious : stop it and make your hear clear from inside and live muslim to blame for everything these also our country and we proud ourslef we are indians yeh desh hamarah hai aur hum apne loog ke liye aur apne desh ke liye jaan denge magar hum usko nahi chodenge better understad it.
-- farooq on April 13, 2010 at 06:13 ET
@ farooq

sir , its my humble request you to go through the news paper once again bcoz till now in hyd riot all the deaths are from hindu communityno single person are dead from your community , how come your statement matches with the fact. in india muslims alwasys do mischieves and escapes with political background. but innocent hindus will reamin victims . in bareily and hyderabad all victims are hindus and riots intaited by Muslims .its very cruel to say we are the victims when you are the actual culprits
-- panindra on April 9, 2010 at 05:43 ET
my question to goverment why police is contribution only to safe hindus not muslim and also our police is allowing hindus comunity to kill, burn and destroy muslim in there presence why ? every state goverment like this why ? what is behind on this, either you dont like muslims or the people want this kind of roits they are joing in police who will answer this and how its impossible to understand, if realy you have that much in your heart then lets fight face to face its shows you who will live and who will die once its finish why evertime like this, goverment should notice this and try to solve this big issue, otherwise the day will come and that time you will not enough time to say anything.
-- farooq on April 6, 2010 at 06:39 ET
every state goverment should play a important role for his state to avoid a horifying communal voilence in country like india, india is a country have a wonderful gift from god, some politician for ther sake make a this kind of riots my question what they achieve after they die ? what they will show there face to there god ? what they will tell what they did wrong there lives ? what they will take with them when they will die ? nothing nothing nothing please try to be a indian and prode to be as indian hum muslims bhi hindustani hai yeh hamara bhi desh hai usko sirf tumarah maat kaho, take only 2 minutes of your life and think what u r doing thats right or wrong inshallah u will get the reply
-- farooq on April 6, 2010 at 06:28 ET
I love hyderabad

The Name hyderabad itself shows that Muslim name and we muslims facing a lots of problems fighting unnessary now a days the young muslim boys who wants to go gulf countires in shamsabad airpot they are making problem for them this is too bad and unprofessional job they are asking money form those poor people

fist solve this problems

-- Mohammad Abdul Mujeeb on April 3, 2010 at 04:33 ET
Best of luck for hyderabad muslim's. Do or die....... why v r facing problem's day by day. v r not a indian's.........? so carry on by brother's.inshallah HIMMAT E MARDA TOO MADAD E KHUDA.
-- kaleem on April 2, 2010 at 14:34 ET
-- zaina on November 2, 2009 at 04:20 ET
whatever ,, whoever ,, win or loose ,, but heart will always be supporting Hyderabad Heroes .. dil hai k maanta nahi ,,
-- Syed on April 18, 2009 at 14:43 ET

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