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Map of BiharBihar, enjoy Buddhas vibes in this land - Bihar was divided into two; its southern districts came under the new state Jharkhand. It was here that Buddha attained his enlightenment in Bodhgaya, thus Bihar actually means monastery that was coined from the word vihara. You can visit the ancient seat of learning the Nalanda University, which is 90 km away from Patna. The Sonepur cattle fair is one of the largest in Asia. One can also go on an adventurous get away to many wildlife sanctuaries in Bihar. The state of Bihar is also known for its famous Madhuban paintings that represent the countryside and the humble rural women of Bihar.
JaykarSriwastav: RT @RubikaLiyaquat: Bihar ka Muzaffarpur aur Bhola chaiwaala
jan14anurag: RT @ANI: Munger AK-47 rifles smuggling case: RJD Youth wing District President Parvez Chand was arrested earlier today. #Bihar
GoizaneT: Bihar mendira noa eta ba beno, gauza bat eskatu nahi dut soilik: gaur amets gaiztorik ez 🌻 mesedez. 😟
shuchitasrivast: @skpachauri101 When will the so-called Chowkidars get back to work ? @BJP4India @gorakhpurpolice @PiyushGoyal…
BeltzaMendi: RT @PodemosEuskadi_: 💜Mañana en #Bilbao nos vemos en el encuentro con la gente de @Pablo_Iglesias_, porque #LaHistoriaLaEscribesTú y querem…
Irshaad_Khan86: RT @kavita_krishnan: @Aparna Plenty of people dug up old tweets/speeches for Tom Vadakkan, Alpesh Thakor, Nitish Kumar. Much of the Opposit…
sureshgaur22: RT @ANI: Munger AK-47 rifles smuggling case: RJD Youth wing District President Parvez Chand was arrested earlier today. #Bihar
mishikamusic: @iRajSandilya @RahulGandhi And maybe a certain story about Sikander coming to Bihar and being defeated and sent back too right? 👀
Abner17995428: RT @Peace41459319: "I am the remnant of Adam and the store of Noah and the selected of Abraham and the best of Mohammed (peace be upon them…
TheMountainLust: RT @Teloogoo: #Magadha was an ancient kingdom in southern Bihar& it played important role in Jainism & Buddhism. #Karnas who were emperors…
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