Shopping in India

Picture of Bags in GoaEven if you are not a person who will like to shop till you drop, you still cannot resist yourself from buying some finest artifacts and work of crafts from India as it is a land of cultural exuberance that boasts of some world’s finest handicraft creations.

As you travel different places, you will be surprised to find works of local artisans attracting you the most. From simple clay potteries to curios for home décor made of raw materials such as jute and bamboo sticks; things are going to enchant you and you simply cannot think twice to spend from your pocket to possess one for your own home decoration.

Some Popular Shopping Items
India is famous its silk saris as well beautiful embroidered pashmina shawls from the Northern states. Each state has its own colorful ethnic costumes and some ideal places to shop are in Rajasthan, Bihar, Kashmir and Chennai.

Collection of precious stones and jewelry is another major attraction of touring India. Coupled with modern jewelry of sapphires and rubies you have traditional jewelry fashioned from dried leaves, flowers, seeds and wooden beads too.

Apart from enameled jewelry, India is a great destination to buy enameled utensils such as wine glasses to silverware. Muradabad is famous for such kind utensils while in Jaipur you can shop those beautiful enameled trays.

Woodcarvings, wall plaques, murals, motifs, sandalwood artifacts are again famous in the Southern Indian states.

Paintings are another shopping attraction. You can shop for Madhuban-styled wall paintings from Bihar, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal, and, if you wish to get a glimpse of ancient India in Mughal period, a Mughal form of painting can help you relive those days.

Again, it is the Indian carpets that are also bought by many for its exquisite design patterns, vibrant colors and exceptional wools. It is one of the finest examples of ancestral skill inherited and being executed with perfection. However, as you buy carpets from India, check out on the smiling symbol that ensures no child labor has been used to produce it.

Orissa is famous for appliqué crafted wall-beautifying cloth crafts and different cloth-made lampshades that are quite unique.

You can find state-owned handicraft emporiums in each state and it is best to go to these places for authentic stuff as they come with government guarantee for quality. Many of these places accept credit cards, although the prices would be generally fixed. During festival seasons sales run and its best time to strike some deal.

If you are one who’d like to get a deal of steal, you can scout the bazaars and the foot paths where vendors would be willing to give away the goods to almost half the said price (so make sure you bargain a lot with these kind of good dealers especially). There are again China towns and smuggled goods markets in all major cities in India where you get several goods including electronics at dirt-cheap prices (again a lot depends on how much you can bargain). These people; however, don’t accept your credit cards so make sure you go with hard cash. A note of caution, you need to be very vigilant of the many pickpockets and fraudsters especially when you are negotiating through crowded streets and bazaars.

So, shop to your hearts delight in each state of India and carry with you souvenirs of a memorable tour to the land of snake charmers.